Simply put MerchanTrade is a professional barter system...

MerchanTrade is simply a refinement of a very old idea. Rather than one-on-one barter, members become part of an organized system, whereby they have access to a wide range of talents and products in exchange for their own services and inventory.


emailnewsAs a member of MerchanTrade, you will

  • Get new clients! Members are advertised in the MerchanTrade  website. Promotion of members through our weekly e-mail and fax enables members to focus on quality trade deals every week.  Therefore, hundreds of local members are made aware of what each business has to offer…  and  they  all  have  friends  outside  the MerchanTrade system, which can lead to additional cash sales for your business through referrals.
  • Convert excess inventory into things you need - thereby increasing your overall profit margin.  By using “trade” dollars, MerchanTrade may help you save many cash dollars, which in turn can be spent on things like taxes and utilities  that  you  cannot  trade  for.  Just  think  of MerchanTrade as your built-in discount on everything you buy! If you trade, you save.
  • Receive a computerized statement of your account each month, as  well  as  a  year-end  accounting  of  your  trade activities for income tax purposes.