Literally everything!  From dental work, advertising, a DJ, web design, magic shows & more - here's a few real world examples:

happy business people1Accountants, Hotels, Advertising and Marketing, Air Conditioning / Heating, Jewelry, Antiques, Limo Service, Magic Shows, Artwork, Massage Therapists, Legal Professionals , Car Repair, Meeting Facilities, Cosmetics, Office Equipment, Bed and Breakfasts, Beverage Service, Painting Contractors, Party Arrangements, Bug Control, Rugs, Pharmacy, Carpet Cleaning, Photographers, Catering, Pressure Washing, Printing, Chiropractic Doctors and Clinics, Computer Fixes, Construction, Publishing, Transmission Shops, Radio Advertisement, Makeup, Restaurants, Screen Printing, Home Security Systems, Dentists, Signs/Banners, Home Entertainment, Fencing, Telephone On-Hold Msgs, Fitness Gyms, Laser and Copier, Flower Shop, Travel, Framing, Vacations, Internet Site Service, Graphic Design, Wedding Arrangements, Home Improvement and much more!

>> What else can I get with barter?