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Stop Working Harder & Start Working Barter!

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If you're a business owner, you owe it to yourself & your employees to try this. Imagine clearing out old inventory & getting full value or utilizing unused services which can provide a real value to your company.

If you're an employee, impress your boss by suggesting barter as an option to grow their business. Your boss will love the idea & you'll look like a genius for suggesting it.

Most barter exchanges lack enough members to make it worthwhile.  But that’s not MerchanTrade.  Know what you can get in our barter network? ANYTHING!
Like auto repairs, web design, catering, entertainment, billboard advertising, chiropractic help, accounting services, dentists, maids & more!
View our bartering categories!  And we cover from Dallas Fort Worth, Plano, Waco & all the way to Austin areas & we're adding more every day.  
View a map of our traders!

And after you sign up, we’ll introduce you to hundreds of our members & our members are always looking for someone new to do business with so your phone will be ringing soon. Once you've done a great job for our members, you will get referrals from their business friends who will pay you full price! And your business will grow very, very quickly.

Don't take it from me, read what our members are saying....

200dollars It's free to join & we'll spot you the first $200!

That's right, you get $200 in trade on us so you can get started right away!
So all you have to lose is...... well nothing ;-) And all you have to gain is customers, increased business, selling unused products, selling underutilized services, increased cash flow, looking like a genius, etc, etc. Get It?

So what are you waiting for? Send us a note below & GET FREE info, NO Charge, No Obligation & $200 in Barter Dollars which you can use right now to buy goods & services.

NO KIDDING! We won't SPAM you, bug you or annoy you but if you're ready to grow the time is now!!