Traders' Forum...August 2017

Written by Byron Lester on .

Do you feel “percentage trade negotiable” terms are fair for the buyer?

The terms are absolutely fair for the buyer if the seller is honorable. Let me explain. I believe that just like in life, most people in a barter exchange should be on the honor system. Each individual has the choice of treating people rightly or wrongly. The way traders conduct themselves will determine what future measures must be taken to insure buyers are treated fairly. We do not want any MerchanTrade buyer spending trade dollars but not receiving a cash savings. Consequently, buyer feedback is an excellent gauge of whether or not a seller is honorable when their terms are listed as “percentage trade negotiable”.

These terms are necessary in many industries where there are countless potential hard costs which might be incurred depending on the buyer’s project scope. Although these terms are intended largely to protect sellers from buyer abuse, sellers are responsible for providing a good trade/cash deal so buyers will still save money compared to paying cash for the same service or product elsewhere.