"Summer" Spotlight...June 2017

Written by Byron Lester on .

"Summer" SPOTLIGHT...June 2017

The heat will be coming on in Texas whenever the rain settles down!! Soon we will be getting in the pattern of mid to upper 90’s during the day and low 70’s at night. Long days make it great to be outside, but a lot must be accomplished over the next few weeks to avoid working in those 100° days. Here are a few suggestions on how to beat the heat. For specific referrals, please contact us at the MerchanTrade office – 254-776-5552 or 800-867-5552, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

           Use our Automotive Services – don’t get stranded.

           Visit our Chiropractors.

           Let us book a Trip in a cooler climate.

           Get a Massage after that tough day.

           Let our Advertisers work for you.

           Keep fresh Flowers – call our Florists.

           Use our Pest Control Services

           Going to a new residence? – use our Inspection Services.

           Put our Fence People to work.

           Cater a party by the pool or patio.

           Rent a Facility for Father’s Day.

           Let our Photographers capture that “cool” look!

           Work out – join a Fitness Center.

           Take those Cheerleading and Tumbleing classes indoors.

           Rent a Storage Facility – get that stuff out of the heat!

           Get a shorter Haircut!

           Wedding Gowns available for that special day.

           Time to get serious with an Orthodontist.