What to expect your first year as a New Member of MerchanTrade?

Written by Shawn Armstrong on .

The Sign-up Period 

  • When you join, you set your trade terms.
  • What you choose to trade & whether you offer full trade or part cash/part trade is up to you.
  • We can assist you with this if you need help.

The Introductory FREE Period

  • Your business will be listed in our barter program as a member.
  • Your business will be listed on our website & featured on the homepage as a new member.
  • Your business will be featured in our weekly email.
  • All of the above is FREE!

How do I start trading?

  • Give and you shall receive: Provide a service or product to one of our members to build your barter fund.
  • When you're ready to trade, review our trader categories (or call our office at 254 776-5552 or 800 867-5552) & contact members you’re interested in trading with.
  • Let them know you’re a MerchanTrade member & start trading!

What if I don’t find anything I can use?

  • If you get no benefit, you owe nothing. However we recommend contacting businesses you need & ask them to consider joining MerchanTrade.
  • If they sign up, you'll get a $100 cash referral bonus & you'll be able to pay them barter dollars instead of cash.

What do I do when contacted by a MerchanTrade member? 

  • Get the member’s card info & let them know your trade terms.
  • Once your transaction is complete, contact our office @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & provide the amount, business name or MerchanTrade card #.
  • The MerchanTrade office will provide you with an auth. # to verify the purchase that's just been made

OK, I’m starting to love this.  When does the Intro Period end??

  • After you receive the first $1000.00 in trade in new business, we will bill a $200.00 cash membership fee and after that has been paid, we credit your trade account $200.00 - nontaxable. How cool is that? You get $200 to apply to your next trade!
  • You are issued a membership card w/ your business & personal name, acct # and expiration based upon when you joined.

What fees can I expect?

  • 10% cash & 2% trade on any purchase, which is only billed to you after you have benefited by using your trade dollars.

How do I keep up with my balance?

  • You will be mailed a monthly statement.

What happens the rest of the year?

  • You continue to be promoted in our weekly email, website & receive monthly statements throughout your first year and following.
  • There is an annual renewal fee of $150.00 due each calendar year. If you choose to continue and pay this fee, your trade balance, etc. moves to the next year.
  • If you choose to close your acct., you simply prepay your cash fee on your balance and spend this down before your renewal date and your membership cards expire. This way, you would not owe your renewal fee, but still benefit by using your accrued trade dollars.

That's It!  If you have any additional questions, please contact our office 254 776-5552 or 800 867-5552.  Thanks & happy bartering!!  MerchanTrade

What can I get with barter?

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Literally everything!  From dental work, advertising, a DJ, web design, magic shows & more - here's a few real world examples:

happy business people1Accountants, Hotels, Advertising and Marketing, Air Conditioning / Heating, Jewelry, Antiques, Limo Service, Magic Shows, Artwork, Massage Therapists, Legal Professionals , Car Repair, Meeting Facilities, Cosmetics, Office Equipment, Bed and Breakfasts, Beverage Service, Painting Contractors, Party Arrangements, Bug Control, Rugs, Pharmacy, Carpet Cleaning, Photographers, Catering, Pressure Washing, Printing, Chiropractic Doctors and Clinics, Computer Fixes, Construction, Publishing, Transmission Shops, Radio Advertisement, Makeup, Restaurants, Screen Printing, Home Security Systems, Dentists, Signs/Banners, Home Entertainment, Fencing, Telephone On-Hold Msgs, Fitness Gyms, Laser and Copier, Flower Shop, Travel, Framing, Vacations, Internet Site Service, Graphic Design, Wedding Arrangements, Home Improvement and much more!

>> What else can I get with barter? 

To Barter or Not to Barter

Written by Byron Lester on .

Considering barter?  Are you on the fence?  Bartering has become very popular in the world of business today. Many companies are engaging to bartering and trade simply because it is more efficient and prove to be very effective in growing a business. At MerchanTrade you take advantage of bartering services & gain access to our barter exchange so finding what you are looking for is not hard.

Through the help of a bartering system you don’t need to buy or purchase the product and service that you need for your business.  You can barter your services to other companies in order to get what you need.

If your business is a member of bartering exchange, you are in a competitive edge. Your business can have the opportunity to get the benefits that the company offers to all their members.

What is MerchanTrade?

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Simply put MerchanTrade is a professional barter system...

MerchanTrade is simply a refinement of a very old idea. Rather than one-on-one barter, members become part of an organized system, whereby they have access to a wide range of talents and products in exchange for their own services and inventory.


emailnewsAs a member of MerchanTrade, you will

  • Get new clients! Members are advertised in the MerchanTrade  website. Promotion of members through our weekly e-mail and fax enables members to focus on quality trade deals every week.  Therefore, hundreds of local members are made aware of what each business has to offer…  and  they  all  have  friends  outside  the MerchanTrade system, which can lead to additional cash sales for your business through referrals.
  • Convert excess inventory into things you need - thereby increasing your overall profit margin.  By using “trade” dollars, MerchanTrade may help you save many cash dollars, which in turn can be spent on things like taxes and utilities  that  you  cannot  trade  for.  Just  think  of MerchanTrade as your built-in discount on everything you buy! If you trade, you save.
  • Receive a computerized statement of your account each month, as  well  as  a  year-end  accounting  of  your  trade activities for income tax purposes.  

How can bartering help a business?

Written by Byron Lester on .

barterVirtually all of us have experienced barter, particularly in our youth - trading baseball cards, doll clothes, etc. Business of all kinds and all sizes, from home-based, self-employed, companies to multi-billion dollar corporations, are trading more than ever for a wide variety of products and services.

Bartering is now a multi-billion dollar per year global industry. At MerchanTrade, we will show you how you can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by barter to grow your business.  Go here to read an article from The Dallas Morning News detailing how businesses save money with barter.  Here's another article from the Harvard Business Review.