From the President...September 2017

Written by Byron Lester on .

We've made it to Fall, but it sure doesn't feel like it in Texas. The heat is generally responsible for the brown grass, drooping plants and lazy attitudes of people in general. But that lethargy doesn't have to extend to everything. We invite each of you to perk up just a bit next week by doing something genuinely nice for us and very helpful for you - and you can do it in about 10 minutes.

Email has proven to be a strong tool in getting information out to our members so they can make buying decisions on a weekly basis. We need you now to use your email to help us find business owners who might have an interest in participating in MerchanTrade. We know your referral can be very powerful in encouraging their participation. Therefore, we ask each of you to take a few minutes during Sept. to send emails about MerchanTrade to 5 business owners whom you know. Your endorsement is critical, but please be totally honest about your experiences. Obviously, you can’t promise perfection, but life doesn’t offer that either.

If you tell them you are a member of a local barter club and offer them a trial with no money outlay on their part until they have the first $1000 in trade business, we will honor that offer provided they set quality, fair trading terms. If interested, they should respond to you first so you can refer their name, #, etc. to us for contact. Some will not respond. However, more often than not with this approach, numerous businesses will be willing to see if we can produce. By the time they commit to trying our service, we will have sent them our on-line application as well as our current website at and made sure they are comfortable with their spending options in the exchange, or we won't encourage them to join.

We only want new members who see the potential of barter and are willing to devote some time to spending their trade dollars. If they are not excited about the possibilities of increased business and personal purchases, and new relationships, then they shouldn't get involved. You can be instrumental by simply extending the hand of encouragement. Please make a commitment to do this. The future of our exchange depends on you.