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Wade Hatton and the Texas Hat Band

Contact Person: Wade Hatton
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Phone: 817-235-1309

I started writing country songs shortly after becoming involved with competitive bass fishing. Country Covers by Merle, Hank, George and others was all the music I knew. But, I wrote a tune used as the theme song for a bass fishing show filmed here in Texas. (The only weekly television show devoted to Texas lakes and Texas bass.) Twenty- somethin' bass fishin' songs followed. Some of my bass fishin' buddies and competitors said I was a pretty good songwriter. My music friends thought "Well, he must be a pretty good bass fisherman." Once they got together, the jig was up! Over the last few years I've written some tunes with a little more traditional country subject matter. Something I haven't been comfortable with in the past. Maybe all that shallow water fishin' has taught me "not to scratch too deep".

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Current Trade Limits: Full trade on solo or band performances - cash on gas allowance for band.
Trade Area: Dallas - Fort Worth area