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Rita Bacon Attorney at Law
Contact Person: Rita Bacon
City: Garland
State: TX
Current Trade Limits: Full trade on Estate Planning, Wills & Family Cases only. Filing fees, shipping & mailing costs, as well as other particular charges not related to services provided will require cash.
Robert Wood - Attorney at Law
Contact Person: Robert Wood
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Current Trade Limits: Full trade on legal services requiring a minimum amount of time - such as wills, uncontested divorces, etc. Out-of-pocket costs - cash, percentage trade negotiable, up to full trade on other legal services involving extended time - such as child custody, enforcement of child support, litigation cases (litigation experience in Contract Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Consumer Fraud, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Workouts, Media and Entertainment Law & Elder Care and Family Law), trusts, estate planning, wrongful termination cases, etc.