Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I have been a member of MerchanTrade for 2 years, during that time I have done around $35,000 in trade. In addition to trading lots of furniture, miscellaneous items and services, I also have developed some nice relationships. Let me tell you what the best part of MerchanTrade is; they are user friendly, you pay a membership one time and you pay only when you spend your trade dollars. I would highly recommend MerchanTrade as a barter group that actually works and can save you lots of money in the process.
Date of Posting: 22 March 2013
Posted By: Robert Hudak
Dallas Hypnosis Center
We have been members of MerchanTrade since 2001 and have really been able to utilize the services of other business members. In addition to using our trade dollars to help offset our office expenses we have also been able to use them for much needed vacations and to give products, obtained with trade dollars, as customer incentives or referral rewards. Being a member of MerchaTrade has been a positive and rewarding experience.
Date of Posting: 22 March 2013
Posted By: Craig & Annette Cantrell
Owner of Proactive Pest Services
To MerchanTrade Prospective Members:
As a Small-Business Owner and Barter Member of several different Companies for over thirty years; I’ve always sought ways to get the most return for my dollar. Personally, I’d ALWAYS rather trade my Company’s services than pay with my hard-earned cash for things I need.

With this in mind, when I expanded to Waco in 1993, I searched for a local Barter company to help me quickly establish Sales and Business contacts I needed and/or desired, which otherwise; I would have to pay in cash. I located MerchanTrade, and met the Honorable owner-Byron Lester. After meeting, I realized Byron had extensively studied the Barter Industry and his Competition; had already ironed out several years of hard-knocks perfecting MerchanTrade; and most importantly to me, was an intelligent and extremely analytical Businessman.

To this day; I certainly have no regrets, as Byron and Leanne were instrumental in helping my Company get established quickly and running profitably. In short, MerchanTrade has both saved, and made my Company thousands of dollars over the past 19 Years. Furthermore, Byron has
seemed to be a Magician at times, as he has pulled a rabbit out of his hat on so many occasions. NO One, even I; could have accomplished some of his feats. Even after basically giving up on many occasions; Byron has still eventually come through securing my needs and requests.

I allowed Byron the opportunity to share his personal and unique business philosophies concerning MerchanTrade with an open-minded ear. Because I as well, was not new to the Barter concept, nor a new inexperienced Business Owner as are many new MerchanTrade prospective and current Members; I recognized Byron had eliminated some of the negatives of the Barter Industry. Namely, having to pay the Exchange when I made a Sale; here, only having to pay a small fee when I make a purchase through MerchanTrade. In addition, being able to place my account on ‘Hold’ when desired, as well as many other benefits and personal requests, has been greatly appreciated.

I then trusted and joined MerchanTrade and allowed Byron and his Staff to prove I was correct by doing so. I urge you to do the same, whether just beginning your virtually impossible quest to succeed at least one year with your New Business Venture; or your Company is well established and
you've made enough intelligent decisions to insure your Company was not one of the approximate 80%, which won’t or didn't make it even One Year. Treat the MerchanTrade Staff, whose sincere goal is helping You, with respect. Build as much Barter Credit as possible and be patient in spending
and seeking your needs. You’ll not only be happy, you’ll be ecstatic; as I have been, when you have enough MerchanTrade credit to purchase the ‘True Finds’ which come along from time to time.

Thanks Again MerchanTrade for all you've done for us over the years!

Tony Brubaker
Advantage Promotions
P.O.Box 2001
Belton, Texas 76513

Since 1986
(254) 699-5555
(800) 374-4008
E-mail: couponads@clearwire.net FAX (254) 933-3633
Date of Posting: 22 March 2013
Posted By: Tony Brubaker
Advantage Promotions
Hey Byron! We wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate being a part of MerchanTrade. We have been bartering through MerchanTrade for over 15 years now and plan on another 15 years! We like that there is such a variety of members and the products and services that they offer on trade. When we have a need, all we have to do is get on line and look under the category for what we need, call the contact person and tell them what we're looking for. Once the product or service is received, a call or email is sent to the MerchanTrade office and the barter dollars are transferred. We've used the services of many other members and they in turn have used our services. We can't tell you how many thousands of dollars we've saved by doing business on trade rather than spending cash out of our pocket. It's always a win-win situation and absolutely a no brainer that it is much better to do business on trade. We also like how when we have extra weeks on our timeshare each year that we can offer them to someone else on trade, so they are not wasted. Thanks for always doing your best to make us aware of new members and giving us ideas of how we can best spend our trade dollars. We had been members of another barter system that we were very unhappy with before coming on with MerchanTrade; but have never looked back due to the fact that we are so happy with your professionalism, integrity and trading ideas. Thanks so much for appoaching us all those years ago and bringing us into the MerchanTrade family
Date of Posting: 02 March 2013
Posted By: Roger Bigony
Ambassador Cakes and Catering
I have been with MerchanTrade for many years and they have been a great tool for us to reach customers we might not typically have been exposed to. In addition the cash savings we experience with trading allow us to offer our employees perks that we wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. They have created a great network, that covers virtually every aspect of running a business.
Date of Posting: 22 February 2013
Posted By: Malcolm Gilvar
VP of Sales - The Trade Group
We've been a member of MerchanTrade for over 12 years. I can say that Byron and Leann are salt of the earth type of people and it is reflected in the way they run their organization. We have found them to be incredibly fair and honest and they expect that of others that trade within the organization. I would recommend joining as a way to supplement your existing business with an influx of trade dollars that you can spend on the things you need.
Date of Posting: 22 January 2013
Posted By: Shawn Hames
CEO iDeal Floors
We have been a MerchanTrade member for more than 15 years. Byron and his team do an excellent job in helping business's conserve their dollars through trade. They continually update their services and products and we love the e-mail broadcasts of current trading opportunities - we recently had a sales vehicle "wrapped" for advertising. I would highly recommend joining MerchanTrade!
Date of Posting: 22 January 2013
Posted By: Karl Koelker
Voice Retrieval
I have been a member of MerchanTrade now for over 4 years and have accumulated a nice Trade Balance which has afforded us the opportunity to use/spend with hundreds of Professionals offering quality products and services. The business that we receive from the organization allows us to fill in passive gaps in our production schedule that we would not otherwise have. I believe MerchanTrade is a great venture for the business owners that truly understand the value of Barter.
Date of Posting: 02 January 2013
Posted By: Justin Wright
Dallas Label & Packaging, Inc.
Being a member of MerchaTrade has afforded me luxuries I never would have spent my cash for, and necessities to help grow my business more professionally.Thanks to MerchanTrade I have beautiful solid wood desks in my office, a commercial copier and color laser printers that make me cash money every month and access to practically every service you could find in the Yellow Pages. Simply put, I LOVE BARTERING!
Date of Posting: 22 November 2012
Posted By: Amy Davey
Lunar Press
I have been a member of Merchantrade, for 11 years. It has proven to be quite beneficial, saving money, in various ways. Two months ago, I had my house roofed, and saved approximately $4000 cash (I paid for the materials in cash, but the $4000 labor cost was 100 percent on trade).Bartering benefits in different ways, depending on the type of business you operate. If you have a surplus of a product, or provide a service, bartering is a "no brainer". Why not trade your surplus inventory, or offer your service, when business is slow? I own a ticket agency, and occasionally I have extra tickets. Making them available on trade is a good business decision.I have often wondered, while in these times of a down economy, why hotels and restaurants, don't make bartering a PRIORITY. Why leave those hotel rooms and restaurant tables EMPTY, when they could be FILLED with paying customers, on barter?
Date of Posting: 02 October 2012
Posted By: Homer Allred
All Events Ticket Agency

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