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Contact Person: Karl Koelker
Street: PO Box 116
City: Allen
State: Texas
Zip: 75002
Phone: 972-380-8400

Communication Services designed for Professional Real Estate Agents! Proudly serving Texas Agents since 1984!

New Feature - Return Call from Voice Mail

After listening to a voice mail message you can automatically return the call from your voice mail while protecting your cell phone number (the recipient will receive your voice mail number) - if you would like to add Return Call from Voice Mail - please contact Customer Service (972) 380-8400.

If you would like to add E-fax (faxes received are converted to .pdf and sent to your e-mail) or E-voice (voicemails are converted to .mp3 files and sent to your e-mail) – Please reply back with your VR telephone number and the e-mail address you would like to use.  Your account will be set up appropriately.  E-fax upgrade includes 125 minutes (approximately 250 pages/30 seconds page) per month – 1 cent per page over 250 pages per month.

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Current Trade Limits: Full trade on all voice mail, paging service & rental of pagers from this top quality firm. We service the Dallas/Ft.Worth area only.
Trade Area: Dallas - Fort Worth area